Our founder

Nick Galitsis

The idea of doing something impactful for the world and the "if anyone is going to do it, it's me" mindset started when I was very young, however, it took hitting rock bottom to take action towards this. After having to undergo surgery for and injury I sustained, I completely lost the concept of who I wanted to be and the drive to get there. I couldn't help but notice the effects of this injury on myself and what those around me were going through. After a few months, I was tired of wearing the same gear everyday that did not represent a true mission. I was upset to see things that were happening to college athletes, most of which I could relate to at the time. I was tired of living what was an unsustainable life. It took this struggle both physically and mentally to regain who I wanted to be. There I was, sitting in my dorm room with the "if anyone is going to do it it's me" mindset that I had lost for what felt like forever. I did not know how I was going to accomplish this, but I knew I needed to wear clothes that meant something to me and I knew that many athletes need the help they deserve. The next day, I packed three bags - one for my clothes, one for my footballs, and one for my textbooks. I left my whole life behind and started from the ground up. This is what I was called to do, something that NEEDED to be done. After many months of winning, failing, hard work, healing, and deep self reflection, Elite Motive was created. This brand represents my life, it represents the journey and the process that is never easy. One that makes you keep the faith and take every chance you get because you have no other choice. If anyone is going to chase their dreams, help others, and love life in the process, it's us.

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